Our Story

In 1895, Madam Lauw Ping Nio was born, her mother taught her how to blend and concoct spices, herbs for ailments in her kitchen, she was surrounded with herbs all her life. During her marriage, her husband suffered from a severe stomach pain.

Equipped with the knowledge she obtained from her mother; she began making her own remedies in her kitchen. Burning the midnight oil, she learnt from various botanical books and concocted her first remedy which helped cured her husband. Word got around, she started making herbal remedies for her neighbours at no charge. In 1919, P.T. Nyonya Meneer was established, her children managed to help the distribution of jamu nationwide.

As part of her 4th generation, our mission is to continue her dedicated work through modern jamu, reliving her legacy and forever reminding the world that our health is our wealth. Through nature, we have everything we need to maintain our body, mind and spirit. 

Brand Statement

Inspired by Madam Lauw Ping Nio, our great-grandmother’s influence on healing properties by consuming plants and herbal drinks or jamu regularly since 1919 , we believe in leading life with compassion. Our products are made especially for women who are active and aware of their health. From Hawaii to the islands of Java and Bali, nature has always been a part of our identity, and thus we created these natural products for everyday consumption. Our herbal drinks aim to improve the overall well-being of our consumers.

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